At our school we teach reading and writing following the Letters and Sounds Scheme. All children take part in 20 minute daily phonics sessions where they learn to read and write new sounds (phonemes) through a variety of fun activities. Following this the children start to practice blending the sounds together to read words (e.g. t a p says tap) and segment them into their individual sounds to support the writing of these words (e.g. sounding out tap as t a p).

At the end of each week the new sounds and words that have been learnt are stuck into the children’s sound books. This enables parents to know what their children have been learning in school and to help parents  support their child further at home.

Children will also begin to recognise a range of common (or ‘high frequency’) words and will be able to spell some of them. Some of these words, eg mum, am, in, cat, at, got, are words that they will be able to ‘sound out’. Others they will learn as ‘sight words’ (tricky words), e.g. the, said, they, was. As the children move into KS1 they have a list of tricky words to practice spelling each term.