Home School Agreement




The purpose of the Home-School Agreement is to strengthen the partnership between parents/carers and school to maximise children’s learning and happiness. Dry Drayton CE (C) School is committed to creating the right educational environment for all pupils, which allows them to

develop in the way and at a pace appropriate to their individual needs. We will provide a framework, based on Christian values, within which a strong home-school partnership can be fostered, encouraging children to feel valued, happy and successful.

Vision statement

Together we provide all children with strong foundations to become life-long learners who can lead fulfilling and meaningful lives

Our shared vision:

We want our school to be a safe and happy place where we nurture and inspire one another to:

    Reach our full potential emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.

    Become active, confident and caring members of our local and global communities.

Aims of our School:

    We come happily to school with a secure sense of belonging, involvement and commitment

    We work together as a team to establish and follow shared Christian values and goals

    We encourage, support and celebrate with one another in all we do and achieve

    We open the doors of opportunity to inspire a love of learning in everybody

    We work in close partnership with parents, carers and the wider community to ensure success for all

    We make the right choices, respecting the thoughts and feelings of others

    We are active citizens in our local and worldwide communities

    In these ways, we aim to make a difference in our world.


The School:  

We aim to:

a) provide a high standard of education through a broad and balanced curriculum, so that each child can achieve their potential

b) treat children with respect and understanding

c) show that fun and enthusiasm are a natural part of learning

d) maintain good discipline and have high expectations of behaviour so that all children feel safe and are able to learn

e) develop in each child positive values and a caring attitude towards the school, wider community and the environment

f) provide regular opportunities for consultation between parents and teachers and to write an annual report of each child’s achievement

g) set and monitor homework appropriate to each year group

h) be open, welcoming and responsive at all times and offer opportunities for parents to become involved in the life of the school

i) to promote good communication between home and school


The Parents/Carers

I/We aim to:

a) see that my child attends school regularly and on time; is properly equipped for all sessions; and is collected promptly at the end of the school day

b) ensure that absence from school for medical reasons is reported by 9.15am on the first day and a written note is sent on my child’s return if the absence is longer than one day

c) I understand that the Headteacher may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any term time absence that is not authorised by the headteacher will be regarded as unauthorised and will be reported to the Local Authority.

d) support and reinforce the school’s aims and policies and guidelines, including the appropriate use of phones and social media

e) support and work with the school to maintain good discipline and behaviour as determined in our behaviour policy

f) demonstrate respect and understanding towards school staff and all other members of the school and wider community

g) work in partnership with the school to develop a positive and inclusive attitude towards those from different cultures and races and with different feelings, values and beliefs

h) support my child’s homework and other opportunities for home learning; to attend parents’ evenings and discussions about my child’s progress; and to show an active interest in my child’s education

i) ensure my child wears school uniform and sensible footwear (no jewellery or nail varnish to be worn during school hours)

j) let the school know about any concerns that might affect my child’s work or


k) read and agree to abide by the school’s Communication Code 2014 (published on the website)

Pupils of Dry Drayton School will:

  1. treat others as they would like to be treated
  2. attend school regularly and on time
  3. work as hard as they can in class and do all homework as well as they can
  4. accept responsibility for the things they do
  5. be kind, polite, helpful and considerate to others
  6. wear the school uniform and be tidy in appearance
  7. remember that they represent the school whilst in school and outside
  8. take good care of the building, equipment and school grounds
  9. behave in a safe way
  10. use ICT safely and sensibly
  11. tell a member of staff if they are worried, upset or feeling ill


Home School Agreement Document