News from Year 3/4

Welcome to the Year 3 and 4 webpage!


Our topic this term (Spring 2016) was the Fenland.  

The Fenland

 We read 'Window' by Jeannie Baker and that made us think of making a collage.  We had lots of materials to use and we are about to name some of the very species that live there:  newt, marsh violet, milk parsley, kingfisher, swan and pheasants.  In the end our collage turned out really well!  


World Book Day

 Today is World Book day!  We brought in our favourite books and showed them and talked about them.  We also had an assembly where we had to guess some famous characters from books from clues!  We have enjoyed World Book day!


We studied the human body.  We found out that a baby has more bones than an adult.  When you're a baby you have 270 bones and when you're a child you have 206 bones.