News from the Infants

Autumn 2016

Welcome to the Infant Class. 

What a wonderful start we have had, settling back in to our classroom and thinking about how we learn best. We have already been busy collaborating on tasks, tasking risks, reviewing our own learning and thinking about our next steps. We have enjoyed welcoming the new Reception children in to the class and have been helping them settle in quickly.

We were thrilled to learn that our topic this half term is 'Superheroes'. This will include learning all about real life superheroes and how they make a difference to our lives.

In English we are excited to be developing our writing skills, starting by exploring the story of Traction Man, and in maths we are deepening our understanding of number and place value. 

PE is on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please make sure your child has a full kit in school every day, including a hair bobble for long hair, suitable footwear for the field and spare white socks.


Miss Hartshorne (Class Teacher) and Miss Phillips (HLTA)


Meet the Teacher PPT - Meet the teacher September 2016

 Curriculum - KS1 Curriculum Overview 2016-17

Autumn Homework grid and expectations - KS1 Homework Grid Autumn 1


Learning Log books/ Spelling books  to be returned to school every Tuesday.

Reading books and records to be returned to school each day.


 Summer Term 2016


Summer Term Homework Grid  - KS1 Summer Term Homework Grid

Wednesday 18th May 2016

Year Two had a fun morning at CVC Tennis Festival today. The children took part in lots of activities to develop their tennis skills. Here are a few action shots!

IMG 9994   IMG 9989 

                IMG 9985   IMG 9996


Thursday 12th May 2016

IMG 9905   IMG 9908  IMG 9907

We were so inspired by having the chicks in class that we decided to create our own chalk and charcoal pictures of them. Can you spot where we have used smudging and overlaying techniques?

Look at our amazing class displays! We enjoyed keeping diaries to track the progress of the chicks hatching and growing.

IMG 9951 IMG 9950

Thursday 5th May 2016

IMG 9876  IMG 9868

Looking closely at tadpoles. Can you spot them?

 Tuesday 3rd May 2016

Another chick hatched just at the end of the school day. It took the chick over two hours to crack through the shell so it is very tired! We will keep it in the incubator until it is strong enough to join the other chicks in the brooder. Now we have nine altogether!

IMG 9834   IMG 9837   IMG 9840

We had a very exciting start to our morning today. Over the bank holiday weekend our eggs started to hatch! Three chicks hatched yesterday during the day followed by four more over night. This morning we were really lucky as we got to see one hatch! We now have eight small fluffy chicks to look after! We are watching the remaining eggs very carefully for any signs of movement and are listening carefully too.

Wednesday 20th April 2016

 IMG 9689   IMG 9704   IMG 9712


Wednesday 13th April 2016

This half term we will be learning about 'All Creatures Great and Small'. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about lots of different animals and exploring their habitats.

We have already welcomed living eggs into our class and are looking forward to observing the eggs over the next few weeks. We have developed some rules about caring for the eggs and talked about what we need to do to look after them.


IMG 9673   IMG 9685

Every day we have to turn the eggs to keep them warm all over. We press or pull a button on the side of the incubator to turn them.

 IMG 9648         IMG 9649       IMG 9654

Thank you to Mrs King for supplying the eggs and incubator!

 IMG 9650

  Our runner beans have really grown over the holiday! Next week we will plant them outside in our raised beds.


There have had some changes to our PE days. This half term we will have PE on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. The children will also have a Balancability session every Wednesday morning. This will help develop fundamental balance skills which are essential for riding a bike.


Spring Term 2016

World Book Day 2016

IMG 9281    IMG 9287  IMG 9286

We just love reading! We really enjoyed sharing our favourite books from home with one another!


Our Sharing Assembly

IMG 9359  IMG 9363

We did a brilliant job presenting our learning from this term in our Sharing Assembly. We decided what we wanted to share, how we wanted to say it and how to organise our lines. We really enjoyed being experts on dinosaurs and plants. We also shared stories, fact files, detailed observational drawings, a dance and performed some beautiful songs!