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Year 1 Problems

  • 1. Ebony has 5p and Daniel has 8p. How much do they have altogether?

  • 2. A lolly costs 6p. Amrit paid with a 10p coin. How much change does he get?

  • 3. Michael says that 16 + 5 = 21. Is he correct?

  • 4. I think of a number. I subtract 5. The answer is 4. What was my number?

  • 5. How many gloves are there altogether in 6 pairs of gloves?

  • 6. Twelve people are split into two groups. How any are in each group?

  • 7. Mrs Morton puts five 5p coins into her purse. How much is in her purse altogether?

    Year 2 Problems

  • 1. Dylan has 37 coloured pencils and he buys 30 more. How many does he have now?

  • 2. Janie has 40 beads. She loses 25 of them. How many does she have left?

  • 3. What is the difference between seventy six and thirty five?

  • 4. I think of a number. I subtract 5. The answer is 4. What was my number?

  • 5. Last week Ellie got £1.00 pocket money. She spent half of it. How much has she got left?

  • 6. A tub contains 24 coins. Saj takes 5 coins. Joss takes 10 coins. How many coins are left in the tub?

  • 7. Amelia writes the calculation below as a multiplication calculation? What might she write? 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 15

  • 8. Mr Siddique shares £18 equally between his three sons. How much does each son get?

  • 9. Charlotte-May had to find a 14 of a number. Her answer was 4. What number did she start with?

  • 10. Danny cuts his pizza into 8 equal slices. He eats 34 of the pizza and gives the rest to his dog, Gruff. How many

    Year 3 Problems

    • 1. There are 334 children at Springfield School and 75 at Holy Trinity Nursery. How many children are there altogether?

    • 2. Gemma collected 293 badges but she gave 45 of them to her friend, Rebecca. How many badges did she have left?

    • 3. Aiden has seven marbles and Harvey has fifteen. They decide to share them equally between them. How many do they get each?

    • 4. Seven people each put five pens into a pot. Carmen then takes out fifteen pens. How many pens are left?

    • 5. If you spend 61p at the corner shop, how much change do you get from £1.00?

    • 6. If five apples cost fifty pence, how much would two apples cost?

    • 7. Emma buys seven markers for 30p each. How much change does she get from £3.00?

    • 8. A bookcase in the library holds 5 shelves with 46 books on each shelf. How many books are there in the bookcase altogether?

    • 9. How many 5p stickers can Alexis buy with his 55p pocket money?

    • 10. Which is the larger amount, one third of £60 or one quarter of £88?

    • 11. A computer game is £24 in the sale. This is one quarter off its original price. How much did it cost before the sale?

      Year 4 Problems

    • 1. Martin has saved £6.78 and spends £4.69. How much does he have left?

    • 2. Sally has 40 football cards. She gives 25 of them away. How many does she give away?

    • 3. Sally has 30 football cards. She gives 25 of them to her friend. How many does she have left?

    • 4. 8 children each download 59 songs to play on their iPod. How many songs do they have altogether?

    • 5. Calculate how many fives there are in 85?

    • 6. At the dressmakers, Debbie buys buttons weighing 3 grams each. If she has 81 grams of buttons, how many buttons does she buy?

    • 7. Kelly buys four fifths of the shop’s oranges. If the shop had 20 oranges, how many does she have?

      Year 5 Problems

    • 1. Every day for 4 days Helen scored 7.5 in a test. On the fifth day she scored 8. What was her total score?

    • 2. I cut 60 cm from 3.3m of string and shared the rest between 3 friends. How much string did they get each?

    • 3. How many jugs with a capacity of 250ml could you fill with 10 litres of water?

    • 4. All the children in the school are going on a residential trip to the outdoor activity centre. They will be divided into 6 equal groups If there are 246 children in the school how many will be in each group?

    • 5. Robert calculated 25% of 600. What answer does he get?

    • 6. Sam calculated 40% of 120. What answer does he get?

    • 7. Rita worked out that 16 of a number was 12. What was the number she started with?

      Year 6 Problems

    • 1. Three quarters of a number is 54. What is the number?

    • 2. Which is more; 59 of 252 or 47 of 238?

    • 3. There are 36 packets of biscuits. One half are chocolate, a ninth are digestive and a third are wafer biscuits. The rest are ginger nuts. How many biscuits are ginger nuts?

    • 4. There is 20% off in a sale. How much would a track suit cost, if the normal price was £44.50?

    • 5. There is 20% off in a sale. The reduced price of the jeans is £36. What was the original price?

    • 6. At a dance there are 4 girls to every 3 boys. There are 63 children altogether? How many girls are there?

    • 7. Seven in every nine packets of crisps in a box are salt and vinegar. The rest are plain. There are 63 packets of salt and vinegar crisps. How many packets of plain crisps are there?


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